Kikkoman Rebranding

C.A.D. Thesis 2014

The Briefing

I have chosen to design the full rebranding of Kikkoman for my thesis project, back in 2014. I got the highest score for execution and for my thesis speech. This was m first challenging ppackaging roject I got to work on, I got to design all the labels on the bottles and made them in real. Choose some of the new bottles and paint them in white. I always associate Japan to white so this is the main colour of this project, the colours of the new Kikkoman bottles. I tried to turn the Kikkoman brand from a supermarket product to a luxury product. After I got my Master, I received appreaciation by mail from the Kikkoman company itself and many appreaciation on Behance by other designers.


Project Name : Kikkoman Rebranding
Tools : Photoshop & Illustrator
Client : © C.A.D. Thesis 2014