150% Italian

I was born in Napoli in 1985. I studied Graphic Design in 2003 and worked for two Publishing Houses between 2006 and 2009. At the time I was in charge of the Book covers' Design. In 2011 I moved to Belgium looking forward to new challenges.

I begun to study at the C.A.D. in Brussels mastering my skills in Packaging and Digital Design. During my professional experiences in Belgium, I have worked for several agencies both in Brussels and in Anwerp, such as Prophets, Wunderman Antwerp, Design is Dead, Bagaar, Design Board, etc.

I define myself a Creative Designer because I do work on 360 degrees projects that involve Graphic, Packaging, Digital & Web, Social & Motion design. I try to be as much complete as possible in terms of expertise so I can better help you achieve your professional goal.

Laura Soave